Generate Quality Calls For Cheap. Here’s How It Works.

Facebook lead ads has made the lead generation process easy and cheap. People can simply tap on your ad and a form pops up – it’s already pre-populated with their contact information and within a click of a button all that information gets sent to you.

No landing page, no-drop off rates, and no bounce rates. Facebook created lead ads to avoid the pain points typically associated to filling out lead forms and made it easier for marketers to generate high quality leads for cheap.

With TrackDrive, you can integrate with Facebook Lead Ads and use our Lead to Call feature to turn submissions into phone calls.

Our lead to call automation feature is a dynamic and powerful tool that is designed to get your prospect on the phone and connected to your sales agent as fast as possible through an intelligent outbound call and multi-channel (SMS/Email) messaging.

Sell Calls: Create a Facebook lead ad and generate cheap leads. After each lead is submitted, TrackDrive will instantly turn that lead into a phone call that can be distributed to a buyer or call center.

Nurture Leads: With TrackDrive, you can engage with prospective leads continuously through SMS, Email, and outbound call until you connect with the lead.

“Facebook is providing businesses with the biggest advertising opportunity since search”

– Neil Patel

The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads across all industries is $1.72. If you are buying traffic to generate calls than you should seriously consider using Facebook as a source.

Average Cost Per Click (CPC) for Facebook Ads by Industry

Real Estate/Mortgage$1.81

Integrating TrackDrive with your Facebook campaigns is a breeze. All you need are 3 things: a TrackDrive account, a Facebook Ad Account, and a Zapier Account.

The first thing you should do is create a ‘Schedule’ on TrackDrive’. A drop and drag communication flow with automated rules/actions that trigger when a Facebook lead is submitted. For example:

TrackDrive gives you the tools to fully automate and customize your lead nurturing communication process through intelligent outbound call technology and multi-channel SMS/Email marketing

With a drag and drop builder, users can create a custom communication flow to contact leads on autopilot. Here is an example of a communication flow. The structure in this ‘schedule’ is as following:

1. Send SMS to lead instantly
2. Make intelligent outbound call to lead (1 minute after sending SMS)
3. Send email or drip lead into an email sequence/funnel.
4. Send thank you SMS to lead after phone call has ended.

Once you have set up your ‘Schedule’ you can go ahead and create your Facebook lead ad campaign. Remember to create a phone number field so our system can contact the lead intelligently by phone.

After you have created your Facebook lead campaign, all you need to do now is connect TrackDrive with Zapier. Facebook has a native integration with Zapier so after completing your lead form you’ll be prompted to connect it to an app, select Zapier.

In Zapier, create a ‘zap‘ and select Facebook lead ads as the trigger. Then for the action, select the Webhook feature. Zapier will ask for a webhook URL end-point, which you can easily find on your TrackDrive account. Plug the end-point into the Zapier field, save the zap, and make sure you toggle the live switch.

That’s it. In less than 15 minutes, you can connect TrackDrive to your Facebook lead ads campaign and generate cheap calls that you can sell, nurture, or transfer.

If you are interested in getting started with Facebook and TrackDrive then contact us through our live chat or email us.

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